Random generation level design

I am currently working on a small project and would like to make some random level design for my map, but I am not sure how to do that. I want to make a set of buildings/tiles all the same size (2x2 meter) and then have them generate based upon what kind of building is next to it. Eg. if there is a building with a door to the right: make (2-8) sets of road to the right, and a building/turn/??? at the end. How would i do this in blueprint, and would the tiles need to be one static mesh/structure/prob, or could i use several static meshes/structures/probs for one tile? I am quite new to this so sorry if I used some wrong terms. And thanks for any answers on this subject!

If I were you I would create use a 2D array(an array of a struct that has an array for it’s member) and update your array with information about what is at any given grid point. Then as you place buildings, you check your grid and see what is nearby.

The more static meshes you use the more likely you are going to want to use instancing, so you should probably research that and how to implement them as well.

Is this is what you’re looking for?