Random Generated Level


I’m a complete beginner when it comes down to Unreal Engine and I would appreciate any help that I can get. What I’m trying to do is a top-down survival game, similar to the already existing Don’t Starve. To do so I’ve written down a couple of things that I just know would be essential for the game to deliver it’s full potential. One of those matters is random generated terrain so that the player can experience a fresh feeling everytime they start a new game. I realize that as a beginner I’m probably not very likely to accomplish this so soon but knowing what is to come never ruins anything. I searched the internet pretty quickly but I couldn’t find anything regarding the matter. My question is, it possible to do without any (or atleast not too much) of coding?

Thank you!

This might help you get started.

Check out “Turn Based Strategy” on the Learn tab of the Epic launcher to look closer into the Blueprints they talk about in that Live Stream Archive.

When it comes specifically to generating a Terrain, that gets more complicated with needing to generate height maps on run. Placing assets into the world shouldn’t be too complicated though.