Random freeze since 4.13.0 in the editor

So since 4.13.0 for sure I have noticed that I seem to have random freezes of UE4 Editor. Download not source. This seems to have gotten worse with 4.13.1. I dont think it may be entirely on Epic But it seem that I have open or and coming back from Photoshop having focus every time it occurs. The only other Applications that I tend to have open at the same time a lot are Autodesk Maya 2016 SP6 and Perforce Client. I have thought that perhaps it would come back and maybe something is going on behind the scenes. But the Amount of ram used is locked steady and doesn’t change. Also the little tutorial thing in the upper corer is frozen mid ping.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?

also photoshop is latest version.

Does it sound similar to your issue: ?

TL;DR: Upgrade your PC to most recent hardware if you have older PC; or build DDC before opening launcher and loading your project; or both.

ok it is defiantly Photoshop related. was careful no to run the 2 at the same time for 24 hours. and not a single issue. Then just now had photoshop open made a texture while Unreal was open and went to alt tab back to Unreal Editor and it was frozen.

it is defiantly an issue with Photoshop CC 2015.5!!!

My PC is very Current. And very beefy. Has 4TB of SSD space a 5th gen i7 and 32GB of Ram with a GTX 980 SC 6GB. I have never had any issues until 4.13.0. Also are not short freezes. These are permanent freezes that require using task manager to kill unreal. Several times I have let it sit for more than and hour and it never unfreezes. And it always happens when alt-tabing back and forth to photoshop. I can have any other applications open at the same time and alt tab back and forth. But for some reason if I goto photoshop and try to go back it will freeze up and never unfreeze. Unreal that is/

Maybe you can copy+paste the log content in here, so that will be more helpful to Epic staffs to try to resolve it. Sound like device restore fail or something.

ok will try. I haven’t yet determined when the freeze happens is it on Photoshop gaining focus or does it happen when I focus back to unreal editor

This is still going on in 4.13.1 and seem to mainly happen when photoshop is closed. and I try to go back to unreal editror and it is frozen. I tried opening unreal and did some stuff and went back and forth. the lock up with unreal happens always on a closing of photoshop!

I have same freeze problems with latest NVidia drivers, latest Photoshop CC and UE 4.13.1
However, it happens not on closing PS, UE freeze after a couple of minutes being on background while PS is active. Maybe autosaving issue.

I do not use photoshop, yet I’m still experiencing freezes.

Photoshop user here, no freezes but machine has been running slower with the most recent Photoshop updates.

Could possibly be a driver issue?

I also have this problem, and it seems like UE4 freezes when I re-save an image that my current project uses. Maybe something wrong with the auto-update feature?

I have a lot of freezes in 4.13, they all caused by various bugs in slate which are “handled” errors and every time when its happens editor freezes.

4.14.3 still freezes everytime I open an image in photoshop while UE4 is opened, whether or not the image is from the current project or not. Seems to be some trouble from the hotload bridging between both UE4 and PS. PS will not freeze at all. Will try it with an older version of UE4.

Just want to confirm that I have same freezes in 4.14.2

I still have the same freezing issue in 4.14.3. I’ve had the issue for approximately the same duration of everyone else in this thread.

It’s definitively not related to Photoshop (I don’t have it installed at all on this machine); it is alt-tabbing over to any other window, and then trying to return to Unreal.

The only apps I have open are P4, slack, Notepad++, and Chrome.

Is there a tracking number for this issue?

I have the exact same issue @ UE 4.14.3.
ALT+Tabbing around when Unreal is open leads to random permanent freezes which totally shut down the editor instance. Most often (if not always) the Unreal Process seems to be stuck in a loop, because task manager always shows it at 15%+ cpu load while its frozen.
Only solution is to kill it from taskmgr and restart.

I do encounter these freezes multiple (5+) times a day, if I work with different programs and switch windows more often. It’s not only a huge annoyance, but also a massive slowdown of every task in Unreal Editor… this issue has to be fixed asap.

Having the same freezes including with the new 4.15 update.

Got the same Problem with 4.15

Having same problems. You Tab out of the editor and then it freezes. Using latest 4.15 Launcher Version

Hey guys, I had originally left this thread since it was looking like a potential driver issue, but if you are getting freezes and you think it’s UE4 doing it, please report that as a bug to

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