Random FPS camera jitter when standing on phyiscs objects

I’m having some weird issues with the first-person camera, when standing on phyics enabled objects.

The setup is very simple. I have a big static mesh cube and a smaller static mesh pillar. Both are moveable and have collision enabled. I connect both with a physics constraint that limits all motion or rotation (I basically glue them together).

In the first video below, the pillar mesh is very long. The big cube mesh has its physics disabled, so that it can support the long pillar. As you can see in the video, standing or walking on the middle of the pillar makes the camera vibrate and jitter randomly. This doesn’t seem to happen on the two ends of the pillar or with shorter pillars.

You probably should play this video in HD and full screen to see the jittering:

In this second video, I added 3 shorter pillars, and the big cube has its physics enabled. In this case, there is a much more violent camera shake that makes the game unplayable. It doesn’t seem to matter where I stand on the pillars. The shaking seems to be random.

Any ideas what could be going on here? Thanks!

PS. Sorry about the double post. It didn’t allow me to post two videos in one post.

Hi Bajee,

Would you mind posting this to the answerhub at for tracking purposes. If you could include a screenshot of the blueprint setup so we can attempt to reproduce this bug that would be most helpful. Thank you!

Hi Adam,

Sorry for taking so long. I didn’t have a lot of time for this project recently. There is no BP (or coding) involved in this bug. It just seems to be a physics problem. I was able to create a very simple project that demonstrates the issue. I posted the project along with some additional findings on Answer Hub: