Random foliage tool crashes

We’ve been getting almost completely random foliage tool crashes. Only thing common thing between them is that crashes happen only when a moderate to high amount of foliage has been painted on a map. Seems to work fine with small amount of foliage (sub 2-3k).

Typically these crashes happen when changing modes (foliage to landscape is the one that crashes the most), loading a new map or fiddling with foliage settings. I can’t pinpoint an exact cause, because it is (as far as I can tell) completely random. I’ve got dozens of crash logs and dump files, no idea how to report this, I’ve been submitting the automated crash reports though.

Branch: Binary

Build: 4.4.0 - 2237849 (Preview)

Steps to reproduce: (it is random)

1) Paint complex meshes, randomly, on a random map.

2) Play around, delete and fiddle with foliage settings (possibly crash here)

3) Change maps, modes (e.g. foliage to landscape) (most of the crashes happen here)

Complex meshes work better, but with enough fiddling, it crashes on even simple cubes as well. Main thing is that it happens after painting foliage.

I have attached dump and log files (including CrashReportClient.logs).

Hi ,

Do you have any form of culling distance set on your foliage to prevent rendering too much on the screen at any given time? If you have a lot of foliage loading you may be experiencing a graphics card crash in which it cannot keep up with how much data is being presented every frame. If you have culling distance on how far out from the player do you have it set? Finally do you experience this crash on a blank project with no additional content? Thank you!


Yes, it crashes even with an empty project, and even if I use the cubes as foliage meshes. It takes longer, but it does, eventually crash.

Foliage meshes transition to billboards pretty aggressively, and then they do get culled. I do not know if it is related to the graphics card, even if I disable the realtime rendering, or look to an empty part of the map, it crashes. It also crashes after deleting the foliage themselves.

I really do not have any idea why it is crashing. It sometimes happens on menu changes, map loading, asset loading, happens when the map has foliage, happens if I delete all, or nearly all foliage. Only common thing that I can find, is that it happens if there is/was foliage on the map.

I’ve been working with foliage settings today, and that also caused a lot of crashes, without placing a single foliage, but that is unrelated to this issue I think.

How much foliage did you paint on before it crashes? Can you post your dxdiag here so I can have a look at what may be going on and if you get the crash again can you post your callstack? Thank you!


Here’s the callstack from the crash report tool (generally they are more detailed, got a shorter one this time, will post the longer one when it crashes again. Also attached the log and the dump file for this crash

Edit: Painted about 2k, most likely below 2k.


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Hi ,

I am not seeing anything there that immediately jumps out to explain this crash. If you are comfortable with it, I would be happy to look at a project that is producing this crash. If you are ok with that, please upload the project or a link to the project on an FTP server like dropbox and I will take a look!

The project is 15gb in size, on my connection, it would require a solid week to upload it, and that would pretty much stop the collaboration for that week, and we do not have an offsite repository that you can checkout. I’ll try to continue pinpoint the cause of these crashes. I can produce the crash on even the starter packs, but random nature of it is driving me crazy. I even memtested my rams yesterdaylink text just to see if they were failing, they were fine.

There is one that I can somewhat reliably produce. When I save the foliage tool settings, it crashes after saving settings for different meshes a few times. If a folder has multiple settings already in them, it crashes even more. I’ve come up with a workaround, I just save the settings on a different folder, right click and save on the asset (saving the folder doesn’t work), and then move it the settings folder.

It just crashed the editor while doing that, I’m attaching dumps and logs below.

Callstack: !Id:cda1cac247082bec874752cb6e799625Access violation - code c0000005 (first/ - Pastebin.com

Hi ,

Have you been able to reproduce these crashes on a clean project with no additional content?

Hi ,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this crash, please comment with the requested information. Thank you.