Random Events?

Ive been wondering for some time now is there a way to make something happen randomly in blueprints?. For example, Lets say you have i can and you can drive it around. But every time you get in and drive it there is a 5% change for it to break down and not be usable anymore. Is it possible to do something like that.?

Of course it is!
Extremely simple example:

Ok, thanks but here is something a bit harder i think. Is there a way to turn this into a console command somehow to test or to manually start an event.?

At least, to test, you can use a key event to start your custom and use print string to see result of random and check result effect.

another way to do it

To test it, you can put an unused Key event (I use Key Y, but whatever) and join it to the execution path AFTER the random branch occurs. This way, a Tick or Timer or Timeline whatever can pulse the random number checker to make an event randomly happen, and you can just press Y to check what will happen when that random number checker is successful.