Random Event & Start Event?

Hello, I was wondering how I’d go about doing a random event and as well start event? The start event I mean it does this action when the game first starts. As currently I have no idea how to do this.

Use a Multigate after event begin play and set it to Random. Then plug your events to multigates outputs.

Oh god I’m blind haha, I tried searching for begin and I didn’t even look at begin play and thanks for the multigate suggestion! Didn’t know about this :slight_smile:


Not sure if I’m being stupid or something, however it only plays the sound once and then doesn’t do it again?

You mean after the second time you play or after the sound cue ends? I just tested and it plays a random sound each time i play in the editor, though it is less random with only 2 options of course.

I want it to play a sound like every 5 seconds or so.

So what i understand is this:

  • The game begins
  • A random sound is picked and played
  • After that sound ends another random sound is picked in 5 seconds and the same loop continues

In that case you need something like this: