Random Dialogue Peices To Play

Hey All,

I’m currently working on Some dialogue within my Third Person Shooter. The player is instructed by my AI (It’s almost like Cortana) Anyways I wanted to go about playing a random piece of dialogue that is specific to the said situation, this allows for good replay-ability with these variations within the game.

I Thought i could just hook up a sound cue to a dialogue wave and have it play one of my 3 random statements on a specific situation. Yet to no avail that is undo-able. Searching everywhere I can not find a way to Get it to play 1 out of its choice of 3 dialogues for one location.

Example : (Player Kills a Boss enemy) Dialogue Choice 1: "NICE WE KILLED IT! Dialogue Choice 2: "Whew we almost died there! Dialogue Choice 3: “Well That was easy…”
Killing the enemy would pull one of these dialogue waves with their specific Subtitles.

Random Dialogue statement chosen for a completed task

Currently I’m going to go about by using Play sound Attach and Spawning the setting the subtitles inside of the waves. I feel this is the best way to go about it unless someone has a better option as i can just reference the sound cue from there.