Random crashes

Hello everyone. I just downloaded the newest version of the engine ( 4.25.3 ) and the engine is crashing randomly all the time with no log, the engine just close.This version is crashing when i start moving or connecting bluperint nodes, changing variables types, opening assets, changing windows.
Those crashes are brand new for me , because i never experienced this kind of crash on the old versions.


So i just realized the engine crash happens after i modify one of my struct variable.

Did you install Unreal Engine 4.25.3 from the Epic Games launcher of from Github?

Thanks for the reply.
I downloaded the engine direct from the Epic Games Launcher.

Try to verify Unreal Engine 4, if that don’t fix it try to reinstall it.

Tell me that did help you of if you need more help.

Unfortunately i still have the problem. I made some tests and the engine crashes only if my struct variable have ben modified. Looks like the struct variables is not fully supported by the engine, because i found some peoples with the same problem with structs variables.

then it is a bug, you can report it here: