Random configurations for a single mesh

Hi Guys.
I need your help for a simple blueprint I wish to create as I’m new to this thing (I’m working more on Blender right now).

So, I need to randomize one single mesh with two sets of “animations” (keyframe type) or more ; or (I guess it’s the better option), randomize all of this through the blueprint with two meshes or more.

This to generate different configurations everytime that a map is loaded.

For example ; when I load the map (or hit Play), the blueprint will make appear a cube or a sphere (on a fix location) ; OR nothing at all.

Simple thing I guess. Kind of like dungeon generator but for a single mesh.

Thanks ! :o

Random integer in range 0to3 for example and switch on that int and set Static Mesh for each case


Hi OpimusPrime. :slight_smile:

It works perfectly, thanks ! :smiley:

And, I wish to know how to set a “chance factor” ; so that one item appears more or less than other ones. Nothing, also ; I can’t figure out how (I guess I must create a pin with something linked to it… but what ?).

You will want to look at “Weighted Randoms” for that sort of thing. There is a few posts around on the forum for a blueprint to do that.