Random Compiler Errors -- Goes Away When I Refresh

I have certain nodes in some blueprints that give me meaningless compilation errors when I open my project file. It’s always an invalid pin structure error. The problem is – the connections are NOT invalid. They are entirely valid, and in fact they go away when I refresh the nodes, and everything works perfectly thereafter. But this errors pops up every time I load up my project. Started happening randomly around a few days ago.

If additional information helps, the nodes getting the errors are Create Widget nodes following For Each Loops, where the array element for each loop generates an associated widget. Refreshing the nodes fixes the problem.

I’d appreciate any help immensely. I feel like tearing my hair out over this because I can’t figure out what the problem is. No problem seems to exist yet I keep getting errors. Thanks, everyone.

EDIT: I should also mention I can’t launch the game on desktop since this error started popping up as well, if that helps narrow the issue down at all.