Random Building Layout Placement Using Blueprint Questions

Sorry about the odd title I wasn’t sure how to word this question.

I’m looking at trying to use blueprints to create some more random levels for the purposes of instilling a sense of exploration in players so that they have a sense of something being new each time. To do this I was looking at laying out levels with large staking blueprints that call objects into themselves. I’m going to call these two ideas Plots (One building or piece of terrain as a blueprint) and Plot Blocks (A zone of terrain that is populated by random spawning plots), the basic idea is the make different designed plot blocks that then call a random set of plots from a category to then populate them at level creation.

Think of the black square above as a plot block that is called into the level, it then picks from categories of set sized plots to then populate itself.

This seems executable from looking and watching all the tutorials from UE and some of the community videos, basically using target points in a blueprint to call other blueprints at semi random. My concern is that I’m missing something that makes this not work or that it ends up being to intensive on hardware.

Any feedback or help before I start trying to get this to work would be much appreciated.

Closing this thread. Duplicate question here: Performance and Modular Level Creation - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums