Random Balls Appearing from Datasmith Import. Balls are great 'n' all but

Hi-- help would be greatly appreciated.
Random balls appearing… HUNDREDS of them!

original Sketchup model section reasonably clean-- run through Skimp prior to Dataprep–

Balls not showing on Dataprep window

And here is my Dataprep recipe. Is it dodgy? trying to filter out some of the wierd actos that seem to be coming across.

Help enormously appreciated:))

It is most likely the empty actor UI representation in your viewport.
Are they still there if you press “g” or if you play your level?

No-- they go away-- what are empty actors? do they impinge on performance?

When I say empty actors, I mean actors that just have a transform. No components, no geometry.
Those are intermediary nodes in your hierarchy. They serve as joints or a place to attach a sub hierarchy to. (cf. Group_8 or Group_21 in your screenshot).

They should not impact your performance.

Gotcha… I think-- thank you
Forgive my dumbassery but are these groups imported form datasmith empty actors-- I imported it as a single mesh but it seems to generate loads of other random stuff…

Did you compare that to your hierarchy in Sketchup?
Datasmith should be trying to preserve your Sketchup hierarchy.

If you select some of those nodes and look in the details panel you will see if they have some interesting components. Especially the “leaves” nodes.
There is a function in dataprep to remove all branches where nodes do not have component but I doubt it will do anything in your case as I am expecting the leaves to have components.

I will check-- thank you