Random Ambient Sound Loops

Hi there,

I’ve got some seamless ambient audio files and I want to create a randomly composited looping ambient cue. So, I have a bunch of files which I put into a random node and I want the sound to be continuously looping. So, I got two possibilities. Either I check the “Looping” Checkbox in the Wave Player or I add a Looping node after the random node. If I check the checkbox the same file keeps looping and the other files are never played. If I put a looping node after the random node it keeps playing all files. However, those files aren’t seamless anymore due to the looping node. So how do I create a random ambient sound cue that is continuously looping without gap between the tracks?

Same problem seems to be listed here by another person: How can I set up gapless random looping with mutiple sounds? - Audio - Unreal Engine Forums

Hope, you can answer soon, since I’ve got a deadline to meet until Friday, and I’d be really happy if I could add the sound without the gap.

Kind Regards and Thank you,