Ramp tool landscape, coordinates?

Is it possible to place the markers (ramp tool, landscape) on specific coordinates?
In my landscape I have some structures with specific dimensions, heights and slopes

Greetings from Vlissingen
Henk Massink

I discovered that the grid snapping tools are working on the markers
So the when a marker is added, at snaps to the landscape level.
Next be using the grid snapping tool, I have some control on the location of the markers.

Still it would be nice if I had some control over coordinates of the ramp markers

Greetings from Vlissingen

In this post I will show How I solved the problem.
My goal is to build an island with very specific dimensions.
The result:

Video explaining how I did this.
Looks like you can’t maximalizy the vimeo screen in this forum. So for fullscreen (HD) go to vimeo

If you have suggestions how this could be done faster, please let me know.

Greetings from Vlissingen