RAMA's Victory PLUGIN: Is there a way to save string into an already existing txt/csv file as a new appended line?

I’m Using Rama’s extra BP node plugin in a project that needs to save data collected during runtime. The plugin works beautifully with the File IO feature to save the said data to a txt/csv file. and ive been able to see if a file already exists by using the File IO get function. {btw Thanks for this awesome plugin RAMA, your a rockstar}

My Question is: Is there a way to “if there is already an existing file” then: save the new information in the existing file as a new line without deleting the existing data in the file?

It would even be helpful if I could call the saved string info from an existing file, then append the new data and overwrite said file or generate a new version with updated info…

Is the only way to do this in c++? Couse I don’t know how to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I found a solution when i looked a little harder :slight_smile:
I’ve realised since that you can use the RAMA plugin to load a txt file as a string array, then add a new entry and then save and overwrite the same file.

Hi there,

I know it is an old thread but I would like to get this to work frame by frame. So that for example i would directly print the position of agents into a file.


Any chance you can post a screenshot of the Blueprint? I’m trying to do the same, but am having mixed results. I’m trying to append the first line, to create headers for the data table