Ramas Vertext Plugin (Not Working)

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Hi Rama & All,

I have been trying for a few hours with different versions and also going back to 4.92 just incase it cannot seem to get the VictoryEdEngine (Vertex Snap) working with my 4.10 - I am sure I have downloaded the correct files and placed them in the correctly (created) Plugins folder inside my project folder but when I load my project at around 73%

I get the error


So… I do not even get to the stage of adding the adding of the below to my DefaultEngine.ini file


A pic of my folder structure also :



When I tried your other plugin, it worked fine and appeared in the plugins list, I tried this purely to see if it was me .

Any help appreciated as I’ve followed the Wiki and trauled through the forums for any other advice and thought it best if I post this here.

Many Thanks in advance

My colleague Tads, recompiled the dll and all is working fine :slight_smile: