Rama's Per Bone Collision System, Entire Content Only Project For You

Dear Everyone,

I’ve posted my market place submission!

It is my per-bone collision system that I originally wrote in C++, remade entirely in Blueprints in a Content-Only project!

The item is actually the entire project, so you can see every detail of how the system is set up.

My content-only project is actually one very large Blueprint for you to use as a reference for integrating my system into your own projects!

It is a fully functional example, that I demonstrate in this video!

As you can see in the video, I am using a skeletal mesh sword and skeleton to swing at other skeletons, and hit different body parts with per-bone accuracy!

The physics asset I made where the skeletons blow up into bone pieces is part of this market place item!

Everything you see in the video comes with the marketplace item, as part of the purchase :slight_smile:


Core Blueprints For This Market Place Item

Two Character classes that can child of which ever Character class you want, or your base Character BP can be a child of my class structure

SwordCollisionHighest (stores the vars and core functionality that do not have to change between different characters/weapons)
SwordCollisionBase (stores the variables that you must update per character that is a child of this BP structure of mine)

**How to Use My Market Place Item**

**Step 1:**
	Reparent your chosen character class to my Sword Collision Base BP.
	Now instantly your character has all the functionality you see in my video!

**Step 2:**
	You must add sockets to the bones of your skeletal mesh weapon, and name them as numbers, starting from 0. 
	You can have as many bones per weapon as you want! I loop over all of them during the weapon swing
**Step 3: Demonstrated In the Video**
	In your animations you must add anim notifies where you want the active sword tracing to occur.
	This is a required step so that you do not have your character hitting creatures when it shouldn't, 
	toward the beginning or end of the swing animation where the character shouldnt do damage.
**Step 4:**
	You must equip the weapon using the system I demonstrate in my blueprints, to notify my system what the current weapon is that it should find the sockets and do traces for.
**Step 5:**
	You must add sockets to each bone that you want my sword collision system to detect. 
	It does not matter what their names are! 
	You can use this concept to exclude or include specific bones in my per-bone sword collision system.

Debug Information

My entire system is commented and self-explanatory as you look through my blueprints!

You also have option to show debug info for the swing, as show in video!

In my BP code have more debug info that you can connect to the chain if you want to see even more information!

I show what bones are being hit and which actors are being hit, per swing :slight_smile:

**Extra Content For You!**

Extra Blueprints

1. A lot of Blueprint Library Functions you can use in other Blueprints

 -Play Anim if Not Playing (prevents repeat uses of a montage easily)
**Character Calcs**
 - Is Actor Facing Point
 - Get Closest Bone to World Location (required for Sword Collision System!)
**Melee Collision**
 -Trace Body Collision (Essential for Sword Collision System! This is the per-bone trace)
 -Weapon Trace Data (Helper function for doing weapon traces)

Camera Zoom Feature With Mouse Wheel

My very own camera zoom feature using mouse wheel !

I have been using this particular Camera zoom feature since the UE4 Beta!

Originally written in C++, converted to Blueprints!

It has a natural exponential curve to it, so that the closer you get, the slower it goes, the farther away you go, the faster it goes.

This simulates how human consciousness operates and I just love it.

**Skeletal Mesh Asset For You With Animations**

1. Skeleton Mesh , with LOD

2. Skeleton Anims

3. Skeleton Anim BP with blend per bone **to allow running while swinging**

4. Skeleton Physics Asset that breaks apart as shown in video

**Extra Content**

1. Cave Sword by Epic (Elemental Demo)

2. Scimitar by Me 



PS: this is not a free marketplace item, my free item will be my Victory BP Plugin as soon as code plugins submissions are being accepted.

This is amazing Rama! So awesome.

Can’t wait to try this out.

Hee hee!

great to hear from you n00854180t ! (btw how am I supposed to pronounce your name? Is it Antiarctican for “Fearless Warrior” ? )

For those of you reading this who did not know, n00854180t contributed some awesome nodes to my Victory BP Plugin!

Including loading images and sounds from a file path, via blueprints only!

This is niceeeee.

Can your system be adapted to other game types? A FPS for example were a result will need to be calculated based on a volume of space? Someone getting shot in the lower leg for example?


My whole BP Code is the project, you can piece through the whole thing and extra any parts you want!

As I said the whole project is the marketplace item!

You get everything!

Even the skeleton mesh and the physics asset that blows up like you see in the video!

so can piece through everything, the anims, the blueprints, the blueprint library functions, and extract all the info that you want!



Hey Rama, awesome stuff. Just out of curiosity, what kind of price point are you aiming for?

n00854180t = Noob Saibot, like from Mortal Kombat.

I chose it because it’s never taken on sites/forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the mention Rama! You rock.

~$10, not sure of final price, it will depend on any feedback from Epic,

but that’s the general ballpark figure!



Awesome Rama!..Skeletons ROCK!! :slight_smile:

This looks like so much fun! You can never go wrong with skeletons and swords. Excellent work Rama, as usual.

I rigged and animated that skeleton myself in 3ds max!

Hee hee!


Great to hear from you Gflare!

I am glad you like!





how did i JUST notice this???

Not uncommon :stuck_out_tongue: Often in online games with voice chat, people just say “En… numbers.”

Hee hee! Hi Chance!



I was reading it like this

N… Brain’s verbal translation device gives up … t

Leaving me with no vowels and no idea what to do next :slight_smile:


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]To Epic

By the way, Epic, did you get my submission?

Since there’s no automatic feedback I can’t even be sure if I entered my email address correctly and I might be waiting all this time not realizing there was a typo in my submission (translation=I am quite eager to hear from you)!

Can you provide any sort of confirmation of reception at least?



Sorry Rama, everything’s crazy here. :slight_smile: Responded to your submission.

Thanks for the response !



What happened here. Coudnt find anything past that point about your per-bone collison system. Can you tell is it ever be on a market? Or maybe you can do a tutorial?

I’ve seen your tutorial on youtube but didn’t find your component for download anywhere. Can you give a update if it will be sold or not?

Doh!? What happened to this?