Rama Save Component : How to ensure that actors that were attached to another actor are reloaded as part of said actor?


I am using Rama’s Save Game System.

I have an Inventory System for my game. The way it works is that when the player character walks over a gun, she picks it up and it gets added to her inventory. Both the player and the guns are part of the persistent level, and the other levels are streaming levels.

This is well and good - however, on reload, the gun disappears. I discovered that this is most likely because the gun actor gets reloaded back to the original position, with the gun no longer associated with the player character. I unchecked “destroy before load” but that did not fix the problem - instead, the gun just stayed stuck at whereever the player was before the reload.

I wish to have a way to preserve this relationship between the player and the gun actor. Surely, there must be some easy way to do this - this pickup system was implemented long before I had gotten to the point of saving the game, and unfortunately I’d rather not have to rewrite everything.

I also wish to ensure that this works fine after reload - I did notice that for some reason, when I do reload using the Rama Load Save From File, the Gun Actors in question can no longer be picked up.