Rama Available, Counseling, Steam/Multiplayer Code, UI, C++ Game Mechanics

Interested in your services, Rama. email:

What is your hourly rate?

Easily Use a Gamepad With UMG!

Dear Community,

I’ve released a new plugin based on code from Epic Developer Nick Darnell that allows you to easily use a gamepad with UMG!



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Hello Rama!

Would be interested in your services for Aquanox ( If you are interested, it would be good to talk to you about your available hours/day or /week as well. You can reach us with sending an e-mail to our


sent a pm about a weak ago, should I resend it? did you get it?

I sent you an email and a pm :slight_smile:

Yes I did reply, send another pm if not you’re not sure you got it :slight_smile:


Re-Release of my I nstanced Static Mesh Editor Tools!

Dear Community,

I recently re-released my Instanced Static Mesh Editor Tools!

These tools allow you to easily edit the instances of a ISM in the level viewport itself, much easier to work with than having to set transforms in the Bluepritn viewport!

You can see two videos of my systems below!

This allows everyone to easily work with ISMs, gaining all the efficiency benefits!

I have recently ensured that my tools work with packaged games!

Enjoy the videos!

Main Thread ~ Victory BP Library

Rama’s Instanced Static Mesh Editor

A while back I added an Instanced Static Mesh Editor feature to my Vertex Snap Editor Plugin, which is now a separate plugin from this Victory BP Library:

Victory Ed Engine ~ Vertex Snapping and Instanced Static Mesh Editor

There was a bug in my setup that prevented the Instanced Static Meshes from working in a packaged game, and I’ve now fixed that bug!

So now my Victory ISM Editor is fully operational for your level-making needs!

You can now easily manipulate Instanced Static Mesh instances in the level viewport in world space!

And it works in a packaged game!

New Video I Filmed Today!

Original Video Introducing the Concept of Instanced Static Mesh

**Super-Efficient Way to Render 1000s of Meshes!**

In this video you can see my frame rate go from 9 fps with 1500 static mesh actors in the scene, back to over 100 fps, with the simple press of a key! And all the geometry in the level is preserved!

You can now easily create a super efficient instanced static mesh from a selection of regular static meshes, and also undo the process to make individual edits!

**I explain everything in the video!**

Installation Instructions



Rama Melee Plugin ~ Create Custom Per-Bone Accurate Collision For Your Melee Weapon!

Melee Weapon Plugin

I’ve recently created a Melee Weapon Plugin, for use with any UE4 project!

Rama’s Melee Weapon Plugin


Part 1:

More Melee weapon plugin videos at my website!

Rama’s Melee Weapon Plugin



Demo of some of my AI work, a Building Surround feature for Abatron

Dear Community,

In this video I walk you through several stages of development I went through while making a building-surround feature for Abatron!

The AI gather around the entire surface area of the building instead of clumping all on one side.

What’s entertaining about this video is that I show you when things are not working correctly, and the steps I took to get the algorithm to its final state!

I even show you some of the C++ code!



Rama Steam Friends List Plugin

Dear Community,

I’ve just released a plugin that allows you to connect to your friends using Steam, in an unpublished UE4 project that does not have an app id!

This makes testing real steam multiplayer games easy, throughout your development process!

**Steam Friends List In-Game**

Use this plugin to see your friends list while-game using my UMG rendition of your actual steam friends list, which shows you who is online and who is not!




My Implementation of UE4 Gameplay Recording System, No Need for Fraps and 3GB+ Recording Files!

Dear Community,

In these two videos I am demonstrating how you can use UE4’s programmatic game recording system to full replays of your game that record at tiny file sizes!

The core of the matter is that your entire game needs to be coded for multiplayer, everything that you want to see in the recording needs to replicate.

Also, my game has a lot of custom character movements like a jumping sword spin and a roll, and for these sort of custom character movements you will need a c++ custom character movement component.

But check out the results in these videos!

Using Ue4’s demo net driver recording system you can create ultra-small replay files for your game that look great.

No need to use Fraps, and as a result you can record really long play sessions using this system!

Video 1: UE4’s Gameplay Recording System!

**Video 2: UE4 Gameplay Recording of Moving Platforms, Exploding Buttons, and LASERS!**

If you’d like me to help you make the UE4 Gameplay Recording system (Demo net driver) work with your game, send me a PM :slight_smile:

Have fun today!


Hey Rama - PM’d you!

Welcome to the forums!



My Draw Circle Node made it into 4.10!

Dear Community,

I submitted a C++ pull request to Epic to make Draw Debug Circle into a blueprint node, and now it has been released in 4.10!

From the 4.10 release notes:
“New: Blueprints can now draw circles via the Debug Draw Circle node.”

Here are some pics from my Victory BP Library version!

Make sure to check out “Draw Debug Circle!”


**Other Contributions from Me In 4.10**

**1. I made an algorithm performance improvement to the FABRIK animation node:**

2. I ensured proper functioning of **SetEnableGravity** for **destructible components**, so that you can change gravity of apex pieces at any time after the destructible is destroyed.

3. **FVector:: DistSquaredXY for Vector.h**, only C++ accessible

4. **Crash fix for GameSession.h**, when the playerstate class is invalid in the game mode.



Sent a message. :slight_smile:

I just sent you a PM, looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Dear Community,

My newest node was sufficiently cutting-edge that I decided to make a video of it!

This node allows you to destroy individual pieces of a destructible mesh after it has been fractured!

Enjoy the video!


**Latest plugin download on the UE4 Wiki: (7.16 mb) **



Hi Rama,

I wonder if you have a ‘world editor’ which can load any given UE level… The level will be shown in a child window (not full window as it is now). If you have something very basic but working, and with C++ code preferably in latest UE (4.10), then we are on the same page. The payment etc can be discussed in pm… thank you!

Btw, I am very experienced C++ coder but I have little time to sift thru Unreal C++ code to understand the whole thing! UE4 c++ is just way too big for me to tackle. I need a solid C++ base code to start with.

The ‘world editor’ can be in the form of slate application or external GUI (MFC/QT)

Howdy there, Rama!

I was wondering if you do device plugins?

Hey Rama, I sent you a PM. Looking forward to your response back.

Hi Rama,

Sent you a message too. Looking forward to your reply. :slight_smile: