RAM Requirements

Hi All, I read online that you can run up to 2000 images with 16gb RAM but I am finding it hard to believe. I am borrowing a PC with a 4460, 16gb and a lovely 1080 card. Will the 16gb be enough RAM. I want to check as it is a one shot thing for me.

The project I have is 900 images at 5616 x 3744 pixels.


Just my 2 cents (the devs here are really good at answering these questions).

I’ve been running close to 2.5k image (24 megapixels) renders on 32GB of ram and rarely see RC go over 17 or 18GBs. If it scales well, which I think it does, I doubt you’d see too much of a performance hit.

Compared to other photogrammetry software, RC is insanely better with resources and compute time.

I’ve actually got two RC licenses for the next few weeks so am using a VR rig for extra rendering work that has 16GB and very close specs to my main rig otherwise (storage is still fast, but not crazy-fast like my NVMe main rig) and will report back if it takes a major hit, though I’d be surprised if it does.

Thanks, that helps a lot. I am running overnight tomorrow and feel happy it will go smoothly.

ram usage can get pretty high when doing High reconstruction and large area’s.

but just make sure you have enough page file and it won’t crash.

just try to make sure its on an ssd, or you will get a big speed hit.

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