RAM filling up when in Multi User

Can anyone tell me why the RAM is filling when I’m working in multi-user.

I have 64gig so no “ye need to buy more” bs :confused:

What do you mean with “in multi user”?

The more software is used the more ram is used. As long as it isn’t running to the max, there is no real problem.

If it is running to the max you need more ram, have to wait for the system to reload things from you disk drive or have to think about the opened software and close things. It is that simple.

If I’m using multi-user option in UE4. (2 machines connected and working on the same project)

The only app running is UE4 and it looks like when I persist and save the ram goes up but doesn’t drop back again. This keeps going until the ram is at 99% then after a few minutes UE crashes. Restart UE and all is fine until I start persisting/save again.

Is there some setting I need turned on?

As you can see in the attached video the RAM is being used up on a simple save action but not getting flushed once process is complete.