RAL colour catalog

Hi everyone,

does anyone knows about an implementation of RAL industrial colours catalog inside UE4 for using it as material node for Base Color? I mean, a node with a parameter where you input the RAL colour index number and gives the exact colour of the catalog. Same for Pantone.

Would be appreciated. And paid.

Shouldn’t be too hard to do with Blueprints and Material Instances, basically pass through the RAL code into a material string and then a BP in the background puts out the correct RGB values from a stored table. Haven’t seen it already done anywhere as most people pre-select materials and just read the rgb from the pantone/ral to rbg website.

Yes, but the problem is how Unreal reads RGB code… I think it is no under “linear workflow”, as used for Architectural CG artists. When you put the RGB code the colour isn’t the same. I found a trick: if you open a RAL colour web page ( with the index codes and samples, you can, from the 3 or 4 vector colour switch in Unreal, get with the colour picker the exact color in Unreal colour space picking over the sample in RAL colour page. This narrows almost exactly the colour.

Creating a material RAL colour asset would be nice, but manually much time consuming following this trick.

I required a RAL colour picker for an arch viz project myself. I simply copied the entire table from the site above to a text file, and ran the lines through a simple bit of code to create entries into a dictionary, as such:

_ralColors.Add(FRALColor(1000, FLinearColor(0.84f, 0.78f, 0.58f)));
_ralColors.Add(FRALColor(1001, FLinearColor(0.85f, 0.73f, 0.55f)));
// ...

The dictionary is initialized at BeginPlay, and is made accessible to Blueprint. I’m not at liberty to share the actual class in full, but I’m sure you can get it working easily.