Raising the "tide"


First I’d like to note I have only been working with UE for a few months now.

I’ve been having fun creating different kinds of puzzle mechanics in small separate projects, and the one I’d like to ask a question about today regards raising and lowering a water plane in game. I am using the “Water Planes” content examples that was free on Epic store a month or two ago. Specifically “BP_LakeWater”.

The goal:
If you shoot a switch, it will lower the water level to a certain point or vice versa by raising it to a certain point, revealing a new path/treasure/what have you.

The problem:
I am unable to figure out how to utilize the LakeWater blueprint in my “Switch” blueprint so that when the switch is struck, the water plane interpolates properly. When I try to add to the LakeWater blueprint, I just can’t seem to get anything to respond the way I’d like it to.

I’m hoping that, and wondering if, someone might have a relatively easy-to-follow technique on how to implement this, or at least a few good ideas.
Basically the rundown would be: Player character interacts with the switch blueprint which translates the LakeWater blueprint accordingly.

I look forward to any helpful insight provided…



Just off the top of my head, if you get a reference to the water plane in the switch’s bp, you can use OnComponentHit or OnActorHit to call the water plane’s AddActorWorldTransform to raise or lower the plane as necessary whenever it something comes in contact with the switch.