Raise landscape

Hi, I’m trying to make a seabed for my landscape but with the sculpt tools in UE4 I cannot get any deeper on my landscape using these tools. Is there a way to raise the landscape like 50 pixels up, so I can make the seabed deeper?

Or do I need to create a whole new landscape file with the right height on the landscape?

With water:

Without water (Need the flat seabed deeper and more erosion)

Thanks for any help!

I’m not sure exactly why you can’t make it deeper using the sculpt tool. But if you want to move the terrain a little upwards just “don’t be in the landscape tab”, then click on the landscape in the view port or click on it in the world outliner so it will be selected. Simply moving pivot a little up. Exactly like you would move other meshes around.

The problem is that you have reached the landscape tools maximum height extent. Which is 512 meters. That is if the z scale of the landscape is at 100%.

In order to fix it, you would need to export your landscape, (and using world machine) clamp your current terrain so that it is in the range of say 512-2048 meters. Then re-import and set ue4 to use a scale of 400% on the Z axis.

While in WM, you could select the 0-512 range, and replace it with sayyy an advanced perlin and erode that, that would give you a decent seabed. Plus you could use it to generate texture placement.

Hope this helps. If you are unsure just ask.

Thanks, I tried both solutions. But I’m not so familiar with World Machine, so I cannot get it to work properly, the terrain just looks odd after the import fra WM. Some who can help me out? :slight_smile:

I can help you out if you like. Export your terrain to .r16, send me that and I will set it up in WM to show you what I mean.


I’m approaching Tiled Terrain method, got the same result with Woober. I cannot make the terrain deeper to avoid the river not intersect with terrain

How can I fix this?

Trungswat: You must do the terrain as explained, scale the Z-Axis in World Machine. Then reimport the heightmap, then you should be able to make it deeper.

: I manage to fix the clamping myself, but now I have to find out how to make textures and so.

Anyone has some good tutorials or Youtube to recommend on this matter?


Just apply the same material to it. You don’t need to re-texture the terrain.

Thanks, yeah I tried to apply the same material, but it only shows one of them, so everything is all stones. I’m not sure how to do it so it applies all the materials as I want.

You need to export the painted layers from UE4 and use them when importing the new landscape after its been rescaled.

Ok, thanks I’ll try that :slight_smile: