Raindrops flipbook creation + vertex paint rain tutorial + free content pkg

Heyo, I made a rain video a while back and got a lot of requests for a tutorial.
Today I sat down and squeezed in some tut-time.

It’s an hour and a half long, but it’s plenty detailed. My content package is available in the video description :slight_smile:

Also for those of you interested in the more modular vertex paint rain, I’ve created a new video showing the changes and a simple implementation.
There is an updated content package in this video description as well. We’ll call it version2

Hope that’s helpful for some of you out there.
Feel free to use my packaged content freely in your projects!

thanks!!!its amazing!!!

No problem! I’d love to cover more things like this. I may begin a weather system implementation tut or marketplace package. :slight_smile:

Hi , Thanks for this tutorial!

I made a file for create the flipbook animation using particle system and dinamic paint in blender. I can change the particle settings at any monent and render the animation to get the sequence of normal maps in a couple minutes.
I must take a look at the borders of the plane where I drop my particles for not have a big wave going through the border but making the emision plane a little small than the plane wher I drop the particles work just fine.
I upload the file to my server so in case someone want to take a look, just grab it


This is awesome, thank you for this tutorial, I have learned a lot!