Rain Garden: Forest in a Bottle

A cinematic animation of a relaxing indoor rain garden terrarium, rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine 5. This is a rework of an old project, originally started in Blender Eevee as a test of what real-time rendering was capable of.

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J9X2D0


Excellent work. Any chance you could share how you achieved sss with the foilage using Lumen? Also did you use Nanite for the foliage by making the leaves double sided in Blender before importing into ue5 since you are using close up shots, the leaves are less likely to disappear as the camera moves away even if they are single sided or the leaves are using the double sided foliage in ue5 and are not Nanite enabled with Lods?


Hi! Thank you so much!

As for the sss - spoiler alert: it’s not actually using lumen! Just the normal sss shaders. It kind of gets away with it because there’ so much other green in the scene - including the walls and the bamboo stems (which does cast lumen GI) that it more or less evens out… I’ve linked a little breakdown below which might sort of explain it - if you look closely at the leaves, they’re not casting GI but they are sort of receiving it…

As for nanite - no it’s disabled for all the foliage and you’re right - its just using the two-sided-foliage shading model. Gets around that weird distance popping thing… And no need to make the leaves double sided actually - it just works fine if using two-sided-foliage shading.

Apparently this should all be fixed with the final release - but yeah - at the moment it’s a lot of workarounds to try and get a decent result…


Thanks a lot for the info.
Yeah, I gather the final release will be next year. Hopefully we might get some more early access release before that for us to tinker with :wink:

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I thought I had leave a comment but it look like not.

Awesome cinematic animation, love it!!!

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Thank you!

This is quite beautiful and relaxing to watch.

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Looks like the shrine in Sekiro. Put a little Wolf in there… :wink:

EXCELLENT work, basically looks real to me.

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It does! Thank you!

Nice work!

Can I ask, how do you achieve the water droplets/water puddles? Is that a blueprint online somewhere? I’ve just started focussing on FX in Unreal myself creating my own fog, wind, etc :slight_smile:

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Raindrops were a Niagara particle system - the water ripples were vertex displacement done in Blender using dynamic paint and then exported out to Unreal using alembic geometry cache …

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