Railway Track Blueprint

Hi Folks,

Totally new here and looking for advice,

I have made a spline based railway track thanks to the great tutorials from Dokipen

I have mesh component sleepers at the correct spacing along a spline working perfect.

I have another BP that places spline mesh geometry along a spline to create the ballast

I will repeat the spline mesh BP to create rails that sit on the sleepers.

Each of these are sorted and work fine on their own, but I need to combine them so a single spline drawn in the editor will produce the three elements.

Being new I have no idea as to the best or simplest way of achieving this

Can I split the construction script into 3 separate construction paths ?
Can I place one BP inside another and still reference the single spline ?
Can I group BP’s so a single spline will produce all three elements ?

There is probably a correct way nothing like any of the above.

Any pointers gratefully received