Railway forest scene


So this is what I have been working for the last month. It is inspired loosely on a place near my house. All the textures are photographed by me and then modified in bitmap 2 material, substance designer and gimp. The rocks are made with photogrammetry and Autodesk ReMake. Trees are made with the help of speedtree. I tried to make them first by myself but its so much work to make them by hand in maya, maybe next time :slight_smile:
This is my first scene ever that I try to make from start to finish by myself. Next I need more ground foliage, and maybe some more different rocks. Now I have a decent camera to take pictures with so should have some more crisp photogrammetry material, since these use 8k textures to look even remotely decent. :cool:
Also impossible to get good heightmap from photos. :mad:

Great job. I like your textures.

So all the texture are made by you? That’s impressive! :slight_smile:

This. Still havent been able to use height-maps effectively.

Lol my brother thought this was real life for a second. Great picture, I can tell you spent a lot of time on it!

Thanks for the support guys. I will be updating this with more foliage when i have the time. It is getting dark here so early that it is hard to get pictures from nature. I still need good moss, maybe I need to make it by hand in substace designer.

hey nice job :slight_smile: Something to maybe bear in mind is that most train tracks go over something like gravel in the following image. This may help to break up your scene a bit more and provide more visual interest.

Made some grass, clovers and tweaked lighting and post process. Need to make rocks and tree stump and maybe ferns.
Oh yeah, and made instanced landscape material that you can setup on the fly like tiling, AO, normal angle strength.
Helps to fine tune the mood. I made it look like HDR maybe too much and not that “realistic”, but i like it more like that.




Made some rocks and a spurce. It took maybe 15 hours but I may be close… They are bad but they are done :slight_smile: I will probably re do them 3 times like everything else, but atleast I¨m learning.


Ok I think I¨m finished with this project. I get tired of watching it, so here are some final shots. There is always 1000 things to improve but its time to go do new scene. So stay tuned.
Edit. The compression makes everything look ****.