Railroad car movement illusion

I need to create a Level that takes place inside a railroad car, rolling through the scenery indefinitely, until certain Actions have been completed by the player and the car moves into a Station. As for how, I was thinking that there should either be a ‘seamless’, continuously looped scenery giving the Illusion of movement inside the car, or actual car movement, teleporting the car (and everything inside, including the Player of course) back to the beginning of the track, once it has passed through the entire scenery. Once the car is supposed to roll into the Station, the scenery will stop to be looped/the car will stop to teleport back and instead now roll into the Station which follows directly after where the looped bit Ends. I hope this was understandable. What Approach would be better and how exactly do I go about it?

I apologize for the horrible spelling, this computer’s being a ***** and I will correct it later. Could be some useful techniques here.