Raid Tactics - Turn-based Tactical Battle RPG

Hi everyone,

we’re proud to announce the release of Raid Tactics, our first game on Unreal Engine 4!

Control three heroes through perilous, tactical battles against an unstoppable tide of powerful foes! Gather gold, weapons, runes and blueprints from the bodies of your vanquished enemies. Improve your gear to increase your chance of survival against mighty bosses. Godspeed!

Raid Tactics is a great game for turn based tactical RPG fans! Every decision is a life or death situation. Our three heroes need your brilliant strategy to overcome challenges across more than 70 levels spread out over 8 uniquely themed dungeons. Collect blueprints, weapons, armors and trinkets, customize them with over 30 Rune words that will empower your weapons and armors differently with unique effects. Upgrade Rune words to get different and more powerful effects. Equip your heroes with combinations of weapons and armors that best fit your play style! And don’t forget to visit the casino for relief after a stressful battle!

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As always, we think that feedback is one of the best ways to learn, so we welcome and appreciate any kind of feedback you’re willing to provide!

Thank you!

This game is really nice!

We’ve finally released an iOS version!

Got rejected only once related to in-app purchases because we disabled “buy” buttons when user is not logged into Game Center (we didn’t read the guideline, but again who does !?).
But, with widget blueprint, we fixed it in a few clicks and drags, resubmit and it was approved the next day!

You can download from iTunes App Store: ‎Raid Tactics on the App Store

Thank you Epic and the UE4 community!

I apologize for not mentioning earlier that UE4 is amazing!