Ragwall Green light Release (Hilariously Frustrating Puzzle Game) (QWOP difficult)

Hey guys, don’t post too much, I am more of a creeper on these forums. But I am here to shamelessly show off a game that another and I have been working on.

You play as B.A. Hero, who has lost the Princess to the evil and maniacal Mr. Monocle Mustache. After having fled to his many castles, Monocle has set traps to keep you from rescuing the Princess. As the one and only B.A. Hero, you must bend, flex, and move through Monocle’s diabolical traps.

// Features //

Physics based puzzle game
Extreme difficulty
Fast paced thinking
Unforgiving puzzles
Hilarious gameplay

// Controls //

To manipulate Hero through the puzzles, control Hero’s torso and each one of his limbs through every axis of 3D space. You can also roll, pitch, and yaw him. “Wow! That’s pretty awesome,” you say. “Surely no other moves are possible, right?” No, my friend, it gets even better: you can also translate Hero in X, Z axis! That’s right: you have a total of 20 different axes per section of body!

You use a controller to move the Player around with Hilarious results. Check it out. If you like it please VOTE.


Also, any feedback would be appreciated!

Green light link.


Thanks for the reminder about the pictures!

need moar pictures.