Raginbear Street Props Pack

RaginBear street props pack 01 Include 20 high quality urban props 5 security cameras 5 benches 5 hydrants 5 trashcans
All object have blueprints set up, all joints are properly separated and pivots positioned,
they all share one universal parent shader, all materials are it’s instances. Almost all textures are 2048.

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They look great - did you hand craft and manually texture these?

a lot of work is done by hand, some with procedural texture generation.

Really Nice looking work

Very nice work!

Awesome job!

I love your logo :slight_smile:

What exactly does “work is done by hand, some with procedural texture generation” mean?

Some textures are done using old techniques with triplanar projection, photoshop edge highlights/scratches, mixing normal maps in ps.