Ragdolls and destructible debris launch character into air

The destructible debris and ragdolls in my game cause glitchy behavior when I run over them. They often launch my character into the air, sometimes extremely far.

I have played with the mass settings on my character, the destructibles, and the characters going ragdoll, and while this does make it easier and harder for me to push them out of the way, the effect when I step up on them is the same.

I’ve also tried turning collision with my character off, and while this seems to be an okay solution for ragdolls, I’d rather be able to push the bodies around. And when I shoot walls, I can walk through them before they are fully destroyed.

Is this launching effect a glitch? Or are there some settings I need to adjust for it to perform properly?

I am having this same problem. Have you found a solution yet?

Have you tried enabling physics sub stepping?

This is a known issue with the player capsule that can cause the capsule to be launched occasionally. It has been reported with UE-12492 for the developers to look into further.

For the moment you can try disabling “Impart Base Angular Velocity” for the moment until a solution has been reached.

Thank you!


Thanks Tim! Disabling impart base angular velocity seems to have given me exactly the feel I was aiming for.

Tim’s answer worked. Thanks a lot for your reply though. Didn’t know about sub stepping and turning that on helped get my hover vehicles feeling very smooth!

No problem, I had experienced the issue where my player was launched when I interacted with a ragdoll, I fixed it by tweaking a bunch of physics stuff. I assumed it was the sub stepping that had done it but perhaps not…I don’t recall disabling impart base angular velocity though. I also changed the damping settings of the ragdoll and he now displays rigor mortis…hahaha! In any case I no longer get propelled into the air. I will probably try Tim’s suggestion too, perhaps I can get even better ragdoll behaviour still. :slight_smile:

@Tim Hobson any updates? I just came across this issue myself in 4.15.2

Still happening in 4.27, I disabled the all impart velocity in character movement. When I get hit by a fast ragdoll, the character will fly in the air. It depends on where the ragdoll hits, usually at the bottom of capsule (I have giant character)