Ragdolling Modular Pawn

Hey guys,

I know how ragdolling works so this question isnt like all the other “how do I enable ragdoll in game” questions.

I have recently switched out my skeletal mesh to a modular skeletal mesh. I am animating it using the the set Master Pose node, and all animations are working fine.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experience with modular pawns who would know how to rag doll dependent skeletal meshes. At the moment when I start ragdolling my mesh, the dependant meshes continue to animate and do not follow the physics on main mesh.

Any help would be great =D


any replies?

Wow, I have been working with Unreal for a lot time now haha.

I must have worked it out a few years ago as it isnt an issue in my project anymore.

In my code at the moment, I store a physics asset for the entire skeleton (not the separate meshes) and then “set physics asset” on the base mesh just before toggling on ragdoll.

Im not sure if this is what solved the issue for me as it was years ago but let me know if it works for you - if not Ill help debug a little more. =)

Hey, thank you for replying! I have found another solution. You can add the SetMasterPoseComponent in the construction script


That did it for me, and it seems like it automatically disabled all the ragdoll physics on the children