ragdoll torso stretching away


I’ve recently been trying to get my character to blend from ragdoll to animations and I’ve almost gotten it to work as I want it to. The problem is that the torso of the character stretches away from my legs because I’ve enabled LinearXMotion, LinearYMotion and LinearZMotion in my characters physics asset -> Constraint mode. I’ve been playing around with the settings in the physics asset trying to solve this problem and the only time my character blends nicely from ragdoll to animations is when these 3 options are enabled(free). Disabling them causes the ragdoll to wave his arms around violently before entering animations.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? How did you solve it?
Is there anyway to stop my ragdolls torso/legs from separating away from each other?


I managed to solve this on my own. The problem was that my legs(bones) wasnt parented to the Spine(the legs was parented to the root) as I was simulating all the bones below the spine and this caused the weird strecthing. My character blends quite nicely and all I need now is to add some animations when he gets up.

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