Ragdoll style arm controls..

I am taking game design in college and I am starting a project. Simply put, I want to have 2 arms that are holding a sword that you control with the mouse, no preset animations, rag doll style. My question is, would I need to use Maya to set all joint rotation rules/animations then import and blend with animation blend space, or is there a way to accomplish this by just setting joint rules and not setting animations…? I know it is a confusing question. But I will use multiple buttons to control the arms, along with the mouse for rotation, lift, and thrust. the ragdoll style controls is what is confusing me, but I what to figure it out. Just a general response/advice is what I am looking for not a how to… thanks!!

UE4 has support for Inverse Kinematics in the Animation Blueprint. You should be able to control a world location coordinate and then feed that to the Animation Blueprint to control the hand position.

Ok, yeah I was thinking about something along those lines, I just didnt know what it was called. Going to play with it! thanks!

@stphnhffmnn did you ever figure this out, i know this is 6 years late but i am looking at doing exactly what you said