Ragdoll snd Destructible Meshes launching character into air

Just as with the post linked I am having the identical issue (using the default TPP char).

What I am trying to create is a setup where ragdolls don’t stop the player but do react to them, similar to what Dark Souls has.

Have you tried enabling physics sub stepping?

I’ve answered on your post.

This is a known issue with the player capsule that can cause the capsule to be launched occasionally. It has been reported with UE-12492 for the developers to look into further.

For the moment you can try disabling “Impart Base Angular Velocity” for the moment until a solution has been reached.

Thank you!


Thanks a lot Tim, this is solution enough for now!

Cool, I see that Tim answered you here too.

As far as the dark souls style rag dolls, what I did was change my character mesh collision presets to “Ragdoll” and keep the capsule component collision as “Pawn”. When I kill an enemy the bodies behave exactly like dark souls now.

You can create your own custom collision too if you need to ignore other trace or object responses.