Ragdoll : set simulate physics not working. But works manually


This is driving me crasy lol

I have been working on getting the ragdoll happening upon shooting an ennemy player, but i couldn t.
So i got back to the basics, and just went Key press- Simulate physics on mesh… it doesn t even work when done in bluerpint BUT it does work if i check the mark by hand and then simulate in viewport.

I am totally lost as of why it wouldn t in such case, that s why i come to the wisdom of ya ll :slight_smile:

thank you!! a bunch!

Update : i just tried exactly the same event on the thirdperson example, and it works, it does activate the ragdoll on keypress.

I then compared my Tdd mesh to the mesh in the thirdperson example, and saw no difference in settings whatsoever, it s anyways where i took this one from.

im having same problem dude! using infinity blade robo, in 2.5d sidescroller