Ragdoll replicating hip position from client to server

So if i understod right, you want hip socket location as actor location, when character is in Ragdoll.

What you currently do:

Sending hip socket location, multicast that location to all event.

Why this is bad?

Because in multiplayer game where player/actor and character has Replicated Movement you can only modify location with authorative rights.
That means if you modify location on client nothing will change because Server has valid location and will be replicated to clients automatically :slight_smile:

Try to set actor location after Server event and see what happens. If am i right will solve your problem

Then i missunderstod your problem :slight_smile:
This will definitly set your actor location to your “hip” location and should be replicated to all connected clients, if your pawn is marked as replicate movement?!

Do you want replicate ragdoll positions? Can you show me a video about this bug, or screen or gif or something :slight_smile:

Hi what i am trying to do is have the player go ragdoll and then get back up in a dedicated server game.

What i have done is i am trying to replicate the hip location from the client to the server so that the server will move the player on its side to match the location sent by the client so he will be able to get back on his feet its causing a jump effect though while in ragdoll i am lost on what to do i am not trying to replicate the entire physics just the hip location

i have looked all over but haven’t been able to find what i am looking for the pic is my bp for moving the capsule from client to server and to other clients i am new to replication so it could be something small i am missing but i have been trying for two days :frowning:

i did that and it works fine for the owning client and the server however it remains still out of sync for the other clients so now i am trying to replicate to the others so they see the hip location as the server and owning client see it

see its off on the other clients however its synced fine for the owner and server

also when i bump into the ragdoll it gets worse but i could just disable collision for that but i am worried if he falls long enough the sync will be so bad from owning client to other clients that it would end up a completely different place for the other clients.

After bumping into the ragdoll pic

and yeah i have replicate movement

This is how i preform the ragdoll if it helps

and no only the hip location so that the player will get up in the same location i am not trying to replicate the poses

Would be nice to see your solution for replicating ragdoll. thank you

i would like to see this also! have same issues