Ragdoll problems with cloth physics

In the same moment you start to simulate physics on a skeletal mesh (ragdoll), the clothing on that skeletal mesh will stretch across the screen.

This happens immediately after simulating physics. You can see the clothes stretching around for 1-2 frames (looks a little bit like the clothing is flickering for a second) and after that the cloth physics react normal for the remaining ragdoll time…

You can simply reproduce this by starting ragdoll on a skeletal mesh with cloth

Since the build in clothing tools are still experimental, i guess this could be a bug?

So I researched a little bit and I kinda fixed it

I dont know if this is the right way to fix it, but it looks much better now…

You can set the “cloth blend weight” of the skeletal mesh to 0 just before starting to ragdoll. After a short delay set the “cloth blend weight” back to 1. This Method will skip the frames when the flickering happens. Looks a little bit weird but it’s ok.

I did not try to interp the “cloth blend weight” value yet. Maybe this will smooth the process even more

Unreal Engine 4.18 is available now.

Does anyone know if 4.18 fixed the flickering clothing bug?