Ragdoll physics issue

I have gone through the PHAT tutorials and created the physics assets for my character and everything works fine in the PHAT editor. However when I simulate physics in game it just goes crazy and doesn’t stop moving. It also appears the collision isn’t working properly too, as bits of it are going through the floor.

I’ve looked at all the posts on here and nothing has worked. I have made sure all the physics bodies all have collision disabled for nearby bones so the character doesn’t collide with itself.

The character I used is downloaded from autodesk character generator and converted to a biped rig in Max.

I have no idea if this issue is being caused by my skeleton? the physics asset I’ve created? or the way I’m simulating physics in game?

Any help would be really appreciated,


I got the same problem. The ragdoll behaves differentely in the physics asset editor and in game. In the editor it behaves perfectly, but in game the ragdoll won’t stop moving. It shakes like it’s in endless spasm.

Okay, I managed to resolve this. The reason it was behaving strangely was because I rescaled the character in max and was trying to use the physics asset from old unscaled character. To fix it I recreated the physics asset and it now works.