Ragdoll jittering/shaking

After death, the ragdoll jitters/shakes a lot some parts of the body like neck, arms and legs. I tried other solutions from ohter topics, but nothing worked for me. It don’t stop even after some minutes.

Are the bodies collided to each other in default pose? (I think its ok for the body to collide with the parent joint’s body).
If no body is colliding each other in default pose, then when you click the Simulate button (with “no Gravity Simulation”), the whole character shouldn’t move at all.
Not 100% sure it will fix your issue, but you can give it a try.

Tried with no gravity simulation, and the body don’t move. Turned on the gravity: the capsules was collinding with each other, so I reduced them, but they still are shaking. I deleted some capsules also, like the arms, then the the legs, etc. and still the capsles left jitter. It’s like every capsule or constraint are having a micro-jittering.

Are you sure its not trying to play an animation? Have a look in your anim BP and see what its doing when you’re in ragdoll. Is it playing the idle animation?

personally i have a ragdole state in my anim bp for ragdoll that just has a single frame anim that is a static pose, this way it wont try to blend anims into your ragdoll.

Also you want the bone collisions on just remove the collison between joining bones, for example turn the collison off between the hand and the forearm, the forearm and upper arm etc etc

Its tedious to set up i wont lie :wink:

Thank you! I guess this is the problem with my ragdoll. It’s trying to play animations after death!
I will try to fix it during this week and if it works I will post here.