Ragdoll after backflip?

Sorry if this is the wrong section, I am still fairly new.
I want to have my character play a backflip animation which is easy enough, but I would like to check about a frame or two before the animation is over if the character has landed on the ground. If the character’s foot is not about the hit the ground I want him to ragdoll.

So for instance, if I backflip on a flat surface he should land and continue moving but if he backflips off a high platform the ragdoll should kick and he should fall to the ground. Is there an easy way to do this in blueprints?

Check these out:

Thanks. I’ve looked into those tutorials and I am using a lot of the techniques there. However, I am looking for something else. Here is a gif that kind of shows what I am after

His feet don’t land on the fountain which then initiates the physics. I know GTA IV uses the Euphoria physics engine which is not in UE4 but I’m hoping that something similar can be executed

I was thinking this over tonight and may have come up with a solution (just in case anybody looks for this in the future)

I am thinking of triggering a linetrace during specific animations (backflip in this case). This would include a root motion movement backwards. The character mesh would shoot a line trace downward which would then look for a specific distance. When the trace is equal to or greater than the specified units, trigger the mesh to ragdoll.

I will experiment with it when the time allows and post results.

But here UE4 is listed under the partnership for Morpheme with Euphoria.