Raft - Prevent foundations - Allow floor Items i.e. Storage Box?

I’d like to keep foundations from being placed on my custom raft, but still allow other structures that are placed on floors like storage boxes, bed, firepit, etc. is there an option for this that I’m missing, or change something in collision trace channel, or would I have to do this in Blueprint?

We discussed something similar in the discord channel recently.
We found out that the setting to prevent a structure from being placed on a saddle is stored on the structure(“Prevent Attach to Saddle”), not on the saddle. And it’s also just a bool so you can apparantly not make it saddle specific.
What is available is an array on the dino character bp that holds all the structures placed on the attached saddle. If you combine your saddle with a buff, you could loop through that array and remove unwanted structures on a timer.
That’s not really the same thing like preventing placement but for the issue we tried to solve it seemed like a okay solution.
Hope this helps you a bit!

Yes, extremely helpful information, thank you. Here is another idea, could you spawn a custom size foundation on the platform on begin play, one that fits the size of the platform, acts as a foundation, has no snap points and can’t be replaced by other foundations? Will try those ideas later, thanks again for the info, and your radial menu tutorial is extremely helpful.

i really tried to find that array, but couldn’t.
could you help me a little bit with that?

EDIT: found it

i just don’t understand why i can’t enlarge the building radius like that: