Raft Mod question

Hey community,

So making a dedicated server mod for the server we are running.

One of the things I want changed is speed and reverse of the Vanilla Raft. I also have made a Large Raft that I wanted the platform bigger and hold many more structures than Vanilla (also can build past the platform more) and seems that only way this is done is in the Raft_BP (I copied and renamed it to LargeRaft_BP) within has a “Scale” XYZ which just supersizes it. Where this isn’t horrid, I was curious if there was another way to go about it. Also changing the number of structures and how far you can build past the platform. Anyone deal with this yet?

-Chris Weisel

Inside of Raft_BP there is a value called “Max Saddle Structures Num” which will allow you to customize how many structures can be placed.

Awesome, thank you for that found it!

Another issue I have found is I changed the scale of the original raft (copy) but when I unsaddle I fall through my larger raft? Also in the mesh/skeleton BP how can I make a man/actor appear in the window so as to know where I’m moving lets say the socket around. Any Ideas?