Radius Heath Regeneration using an item

I am new to scripting and thought blueprint would be a good start for me. I have created a basic health system that uses the delta seconds to regenerate the players health but i would like to have it when player enters the radius area of an health object, the players health will regenerate at a faster rate than outside the radius. I am at a loss.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Add a Sphere component and check if player BeginOverlap the sphere, then you just add an extra regenerate value to player, and if player Endoverlap you just minus that value.

I thank you for your answer but i am sorry i am not exactly sure what you mean. I am new to blueprint, i normally create the assets.

oh ok, i don’t have time to create the screen shot right now, but what you can do it try the shooter game example, they have health pickup and ammo pickup blueprint. In shooter game when you walk over the thing will be destroyed and you gain some health/ammo. Instead of that, you can make the sphere component in pickup larger, and don’t destroy pickup when you walk in the sphere, instead increase the regenerate.

Ok, i shall give it a go. Thank you for your help i will re-comment if i have a problem.

it looks like the shooter game example uses c++ and the pickup blueprint is inherited from c++ file

just found very fast tutorial one for you, Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Pickup with Movement - YouTube

Modify the pickup same way like in my previous comment

Thank you for your help. I was still lost at first then I had a look at the UMG inventory from epic and found the fire blueprint worked exactly the way I wanted it to work. I had been trying for at least a week to figure it out. Thank you. So much