Radio On/Off

So, I have a news segment on my radio in game and it is triggered by a trigger box to turn on but I want it to be if the player chose to turn it of after it triggered and then chose to turn it on again to make the news segment not to continue after turning it off (so it should continue in the background like it is live news) OR to make it change channel so it can’t go back to the news when turning it on again.^

I hope this made sense…

I think this is probably a perfect solution to my problem but I am new to unreal engine and I am using horror engine which is already having a radio with bps and such so for me to implement this code into that or to make a new one will be hard for me right now but thank you and sorry for being stupid and not understanding xD

Yes, you need to be specific.

I will take a look at the horror engine and come back to you… :slight_smile:

You seem very active here, you were the guy who helped me with the swining light also. You deserve a medal dude :smiley:

I managed to infuse this logic with horror engine! Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

How about this:

Radio stations is just an array of sound waves.