RadiantUI - HTML5/CSS3/Javascript Web Plugin For UE4 - Work In Progress

I’ve been working for the last few days on integrating CEF3 into UE4 as a plugin. I very much want this to be affordable for everyone so right now I plan on selling it for something like $99 per-seat. As soon as there’s a version that’s basically usable I’ll release it, but that’s weeks away at this point. I’ll be using this for my own projects as well. I can render onto any static mesh in UE4 so you can have curved panels and stuff. My vision is Doom3 style GUI interactive surfaces where you can walk up to stuff and move a cursor around etc, and of course it should be useable for HUD and Menus. I’ll be hooking javascript callsbacks into blueprints and stuff so hopefully it can “just work” in terms of the bindings between javascript and blueprint. There is still a lot to do

Looking good so far, unless you’re just using a screenshot on that static mesh. Right? :wink:

Hehe. In all seriousness though that’s actually a browser instance running in game rendering onto a static mesh quad.

It looks quite nice. I believe that it would be useful in RP-oriented gaming.

Space Station 13 anyone :smiley:

Oh in an MMO, you can have an area where you use this to have realtime update in game, almost like a new feed that pulls from site and from forum lol… an interesting idea don’t you think?

That is an excellent idea!

It would add the next gen feel to mmos lol

Yeah, and if you do make an MMO, then take out the lag!! ^^
Use Unreal Engine 4…

Lol idk you can’t avoid lags its the nature of MMOs, lol its one of the features but you can reduce how often it lags :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice,
a simple usage i see a lot of potential is a game launcher akin to UE game launcher, made in html instead of slate

please keep us updated !

Yes and more. You should be able to make full dynamic UIs using HTML5 and JS, and hook into into you game via blueprints.

So your main menu, sub menus, HUD and interactive world surfaces ala Doom3. I’ll release a video in the coming weeks.

Whoa! This is awesome! Nice work dude!

Looks very promising, good work

Ok, i would buy it immediately :slight_smile: