Radial Spark Emitter

Feel free to move this if it’s in the wrong spot, but I’m looking for help in breaking down on how to create this radial emitter. The video isn’t much of a tutorial as it is a showcase of sorts. Any help is appreciated.

Almost all the randomization he talks about could be achieved using curl noise, I think.

Haven’t got time right, but might do this a bit later…

This ( to be fair ) is what I have after about 10 minutes:


I have some ideas to make it better, but that will be later…

It’s just some sprites on a torus with vortex velocity.

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Thanks for the reply,

I am very much entry-level when it comes to VFX, what I’m not understanding is how the emitter is selected and fashioned (assuming it’s not from a template) from scratch in the first place in order to get to the point of forming shapes. Everything after that, like the collisions of the sparks bouncing off the ground I can see from the menu selections in the video but initializing everything to get started is where I’m stuck.

Lemme get it looking a bit better ( it’s still a bit crap ), and I’ll give you a download link…

There’s a module you can add which make the emitter spawn on a mesh. I chose a torus, because it’s donut shaped, like we want…

Ok, this is better:


I had to add a postprocess with bloom. I have read about this, emissive materials not working properly, UE5 thing.

I also faked the light on nearby objects with rect lights, way too expensive to do in the partilces, and looks similar.

You need UE5.01:

thanks for the help!

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Does it work?

There’s also this, I noticed: